Radio Interviews !!

Radio Interviews in BC & Saskatchewan, Canada !!
Hello All and thanks for your patience. Joyslam have just conducted 2 on-air interviews !!
They are still being edited but we will get them to you as soon as we have them. The first interview was on CFNR FM (British Columbia, Canada)

The second interview was on MBC Radio Network (Saskatchewan,Canada).

We are now working on a 3rd in Alberta, Canada. If you are in range of either of theses stations or even able to listen to them online,
we ask that you contact them and demand more Joyslam music be played. Viva los revolution !!
Again, Thank all of our Facebook Friends and Reverbnation Fans
Your continued support is beyond appreciated !!

To all of Joyslam's friends and fans.. THANK YOU

To all of Joyslam's friends and fans.. THANK YOU for your positive feedback on the new video "Music..The End" !!
We are trying to build up our numbers at Reverbnation. We ask that you become a fan. Every fan counts and is appreciated !!

Because of ALL OF YOU, "Music..The End" is now @ these websites:







TYG !!
Joyslam is receiving a bit more airplay. Not major commercial stations yet. But hopefully, if these awesome stations that are playing us now increase in number. More work ahead and fingers crossed.
If you are able to hear these stations we ask that you please tune in and request Joyslam. And musicians feel free to contact them to play YOUR MUSIC as well.

As Musicians/Artists if we don't look out for each other NO ONE ELSE WILL !!
We are now in rotation on:
MBC Network         (Saskatchewan)

CFNR-FM                  (British Columbia)

CKTI-FM                  (Ontario)

CFWE-FM                (Alberta)

CIAU-FM                 (Quebec)
CJMC-FM                 (Quebec)
CFMV-FM                 (Quebec)
NCI FM                     (Manitoba)
CHCR-FM                 (Ontario)
CFDM-FM                 (Saskatchewan)
CFSI-FM                   (British Columbia)


As promised!  From the "I Need Money" album. The new video for "Music..The End" is available exclusively HERE !!
Feel free to comment in our WTF!! section. Come on, ya know you wanna !!
To thank our new Fans & Friends at Reverbnation. We will be posting the video "Music..The End" on our site tomorrow.


Joyslam is now receiving AIRPLAY !!
We are now in rotation on:
MBC Network        (Saskatchewan)
CKTI-FM                 (Ontario)
CIAU-FM                 (Quebec)
CJMC-FM               (Quebec)
CFMV-FM               (Quebec)
CFWE-FM               (Alberta)
and more to be added...
If you listen to ANY of these station's we ask that you request Joyslam's Music. Especially our first single "Set The World".
Thanks for your continued support.


Social Media = Radio Airplay ??? WTF !!

Social Media = Radio Airplay ??? WTF !!
So apparently I haven't been on Social Media enough hence NO Radio Airplay.
Pathetically SAD when the # of Tweets/Likes substitutes TALENT and great Music.

This goes out to Music Directors especially, stop being LAZY and use your ears
instead of relying on bands that have friends and family jacking up there numbers out of duty
and give airplay and opportunity to Music talent and song strength.
It is a business I get that but should it be at the expense of Music.
When did it cease to be all about the music??

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