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The Joyslam Solo Show is inspired on the performances at Worldwide Casinos, Resorts & by many Recording Artist who perform Live by incorporating BOTH Professional Vocals & Full Studio Instrumental Tracks.

This inspiration have created a strong & highly successful slew of Fun, Energetic & Innovative Joyslam Solo Shows!


Joyslam Solo Show Promo Video

(Scarborough Legion Br 614 - recorded 7/27/19)



The Joyslam Solo Show Combines the Ultimate in Live Vocal Music with All Request DJ between Sets providing the Perfect Mix of BOTH Musical Worlds for EVERY Event, Venue & All their Patrons.

This allows for Non Stop Music, Dancing and Fun for ALL MUSIC LOVERS & DANCERS, including Line and Ballroom Dancing.

The Joyslam Solo Show is a refreshingly unique change from the typical Solo Artist, a guy with a guitar where the song only "Kind of Sounds like the Original" due to the Limited Sound & forced Music Repertoire. Many songs Can't be Played or Line Danced to well with Guitar & Vocals only. 

The Solo Show differs from a Full Band as well. With a full band you are dealing with 3 or more Personalities and Demands. You have to deal with the Band Playing Too Loud, taking up a Lot of Space and taking Extra Long Breaks. This is when       Most People Tend to Leave. Full Bands are also Extremely Expensive in comparison to the Joyslam Solo Show

But moreover, I truly believe the Joyslam Solo Show Belongs to the Patrons of the Venue/Special Event. 

I'm there to Entertain and have them Dancing, Singing and having a Great Time ONLY by achieving this will they Keep Coming Back. This is What I Do Every Show!!


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Joyslam Solo Show Reviews

"Amazing Voice. Amazing Night" - Leslie G

"Thank You so much. What a great night" - Christine L

"You are our favorite DJ and we really enjoy your lovely singing" - Grace N

"You are an Amazing Singer and Terrific DJ. Wilf and I had an awesome time" - Esther R


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