RJ Martine on behalf of Canadian Aboriginal (Mohawk) Rock Band, Joyslam.

"Set The World" in 6 weeks, is now in the Top 10 on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown.
NAMC is a Nationally Syndicated show heard on Radio Station's throughout Canada, Sirius Satellite radio & re-broadcast on station's throughout North America.

As a result, Joyslam are now in rotation on Sirius XM (Ch 165), MBC RADIO NETWORK (SK), NCI-FM (MB), CKTI-FM (ON), CHMN-FM (BC), CJQC-FM (NS), CFGI-FM (ON). And most recent CHET-FM (BC), CHXL-FM (SK) and CIBN-FM (SK), CFDY-FM (ON), CJNC-FM (MB), CHIP-FM (QC), CKVE-FM (NS), CKHA-FM (ON), CJWT-FM (ON), CKRZ-FM (ON), CKAR-FM (ON), CKTZ-FM (BC), CHRZ-FM (ON), CKCU-FM (ON) and CKRK-FM (QC).
"Set The World" is currently added to the Jukebox Online Network playlists & in rotation on several channels.
Jukebox Online designs programming for retailers and in-store advertisers throughout Canada.
The single is currently on Multi Music MP3 disc (#97) & on the upcoming Hott Rocks Disc (#242). Multi Music Group/ERG provides music subscriptions to DJs and commercial establishments across the North America.

Thank you for your airplay & support. It is very appreciated.
RJ Martine

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