Love the Funky feel on this track all set up by the guitar and everything falls into place. From the get go, a great guitar jam and excellent vocal styling makes this song a hit in my book!!

TheMightyThor from Cape Canaveral, Florida



This is some jammin' funk music. Musicians are tight, the bassist is SICK SICK SICK good. The rhythm section as a unit is a formidable piece. Guitarist is tight. The sound overall is kind of reminiscent of a band called Marvelous Sauce out of Canada in the early 90s. Funny. Nice scat singing, vocalist. This is a level of musicianship and production that you don't often hear on Garageband, and even more rarely on the radio. Nicely done...The only thing that sucks about this song is that it ends.

Ghostrunner from Amherst, New York



I can't stop bobbing my head!!!!

DAMN....The bass groovin' beat is SWEET! I really like the Trent Reznor touch to this song. The beat throughout this song really drives the listener into a frenzied state of mind! The vocals mix it up just enough to demand the audiences FULL ATTENTION. The subtle guitar nuances really add an extra layer to the song. I have to listen to this one more time.....DAMN....I think the mix/production for this song is perfect! Everything comes through nice and clear!

reKRAPgiARC from Plymouth, Michigan



Jump to the front of the line.

Have your ID ready. These guys sound great. The high end treble electric guitars and the deep vocals along with the dark drum track makes this song a radio must(a little like Johnny Van Zant and .38 Special). Its a very cool song and would listen to it again and again. "Follow Me" is best described as a Southern Rock song along the lines of The Outlaws and Allman Brothers.

ronsandefur from Southaven, Mississippi



What a great Get Down Sound.

Had me worried for a second... thought you may be hip hop with that intro... really kicks! the production kiks and that Spanish guitar comes outta nowhere and WORKS! Great production.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

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