Funky Groove With Attitude

"Where have you been all our lives, Joyslam?! Let me be clear about something. I’m not being coy, I’m not being facetious and I’m not speaking ironically. I LOVE JOYSLAM. And I’ll scream it from the mountain tops." Richard Howard of A Side Magazine


Joyslam is Canada's Premiere Aboriginal Funk Rock Recording Project. Created by Solo Artist RJ Martine, Joyslam infuses the greatest aspects of Modern Rock, Dance, Pop, R&B, Country, Reggae & Ska. 

The RESULT ~ their OWN Innovative WOW Factored Infectious Hybrid Sound.  ALL culminating in the 1000% TRUE to RJ Martine's Heart & Soul Mantra...




"We have Added a Lot of Joyslam tracks and welcome Joyslam to the Indigiverse!" - Kaylen Belair (Content Director Indigiverse Sirius XM)
"What a uniquely great thing you've created. Everyone Loves your Music" - Alana Monopoli Entertainment Coordinator at Hypitch


"We play a lot of Joyslam because it's that good" - Steve Kimball (Music Director/Host at MBC Radio Network)

What Has Joyslam Done?

"Joyslam simply has Great Music!!" - Robin Woods (Music Director/Host CFPS-FM 97.9 The Bruce)


 Joyslam has obtained not just North American Airplay & Press Coverage but Internationally as well and have conducted Numerous On-Air Interviews from across the Globe, from both North & South America to Belgium to Australia with many more to come. 

Joyslam's Music shares Disc space with Major Label Artists on the elite ERG & Multi Music System including Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, Dean Brody, Sam Smith, Luke Bryan, Loud Luxury, Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber throughout North America. 

Joyslam have had 3 Singles Chart on North America's Indigenous Music Countdown, a Top 40 styled Syndicated Radio program that has been On-Air since 2000. With Joyslam's single "Set The World" hitting #1.

 "Joyslam continues to deliver Excellent Music !!" - João Carvalho (Multi Time Juno Award Winning Engineer)

 "I really like Joyslam's diversity and how they nail different styles" - Al Sault (Technical Director/Host at CKRZ 100.3 FM)

"I have conducted a few On-Air Interviews with RJ Martine. Can't say enough good things about Joyslam" -  Chris Knight (Host at MBC Radio Network)

"We Love Joyslam here and play a lot of their Music" - Marie Gionet (CHIP FM Music Director)

Music Sampler

"Loving Joyslam! Keep doing what your doing RJ" - KJ the DJ (Drive Time Host on BOOM 97.3 FM CHBM fm/Stingray)

Live In This Moment Live In This Moment is the Thumping Smart, Dance Driven track that's slathered with Joyslam's signature Funky Groove with Attitude!! 6.77 MB
Spirit Spirit is the Unsurpassed Pop Reggae Sensational Track that's drenched with Beautifully Textured Layers 7.79 MB
Drum Beats As the lyrics express Drums are the heartbeat of not just music but of communications throughout history and in EVERY culture. These Drum Beats, especially in Aboriginal culture, are the means in which we "tell the stories of everything that we've heard or seen" 6.41 MB
Who Do You Want To Be Who Do You Want To Be smacks you with it's hard driving Guitar and Bass combo 1, 2 punch.
The call you to dance drums and soaring vocals makes this Modern Rock Retro song a guaranteed Funk Rock Instant Classic!!!
8.22 MB
Music..The End Music..The End is a fast, action packed, high energy song from RJ Martine (Joyslam) 6.97 MB
Get Lost!! The hard driving, In Your Face track that's slathered with Grammy-winning Engineer and Modern Rock specialist Brendan Dekora's (Foo Fighters & Nine Inch Nails) impact & Joyslam's signature Funky Groove with Attitude!! 7.07 MB
Empty Empty is a funky groove with an attitude! Strong bass lines and slaps accent the ranging vocals which propel this high-energy dance hook laden song. 4.29 MB

"I like the creativity of Joyslam's Music Videos" - Linda O'Shaughnessy (APTN TV)

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